My daily life in New York in a video.
This was my first video I made in December 2016 that carries my voice. 
The background music is several brief scores from The Piano Guys.

And This is who I am, in the video.

Professionally, today, I am still looking forward getting my charter to become a Chartered Financial Analyst, because I had several breaks in my study, as you can notice it in my curriculum. And, I have some other graduate level backgrounds as well.

You can find my professional background in details at the LinkedIn page. 
Thank you for your interest. Enjoy my growing website.

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June 2024

I am working on now ...

I am working on a US Labor Market presentation, which will be introduced to audiences hopefully beginning of March 2020, and then I will be working on or finishing a Copyright online course material and then that will be ready for presentation and production as well. 

This is a sneak preview from the ppt slides.

US Labor Market and AI
US labor market and Artificial Intelligence structure of presentation
US labor market and Artificial Intelligence Reward and Inequality
US labor market and Artificial Intelligence What is Inequality versus Equity


UPDATE on April 28, 2020: because of the coronavirus pandemic I had to place other things in priority. My PowerPoint presentation(s) may furnish you with the answers to some of your question you may have in this pandemic. Below are the two presentations recorded and uploaded to YouTube:

The book I am reading now ...

Today capitalism as we know it at its cross road. Growth versus income redistribution. Corporate governance and social responsibility versus shareholder value. Should we care about stakeholders? But that will hold back growth and the economy may fall into recession, today. Is that all inevitable?
It is worth reviewing what Milton Friedman and Adam Smith taught us about capitalism and contrast it with today’s development. Here is the book I got my hands and mind on:

What Adam Smith Knew: Moral Lessons on Capitalism from Its Greatest Champions and Fiercest Opponents. 

And my Summer Readings in 2019 were:

Read this book: Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge EconomyThis is my 2019 summer reading recommendation. I read it from A to Z, and cannot recommend it more.

Other excellent books I read in the summer are:

  1. Litigation in Practicewhich is written by judge Karnow in California and an easy to read of excellent  opinion and source of information for court procedures.
  2. Examples & Explanations for Civil Procedure (Examples & Explanations Series), is a detailed legal source of information, textbook, yet easy to read and very practical.
  3. Disrupting Finance: FinTech and Strategy in the 21st Century (Palgrave Studies in Digital Business & Enabling Technologies) and this is a  great reference book in finance about FinTech, and very useful today.
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