This page is under construction. This page will be an integrator for the services provided below:

  1. Shop Law under menu Law which has ready to use legal court documents in word format for purchase.

  2. Courses provides professional online courses and training options together with market research material being explained in online format. The courses will be delivered on a major LMS platform, like the one many universities use for their online courses, online education and personal training.

Please come back soon for all the new excitement to come. 


The introduction to new services on my YouTube channel are shown here. 
I am glad to announce 3 main things to come:

  1. online courses materials are under work and the integration to the LearnDash platform, in subjects such as: law, finance, marketing, sales, online business
  2. the online courses platform will be available for rent, on accounts basis
  3. I will also post gym classes made by myself in the gym. 30, 45 and 60 minutes classes,; mainly cardio and cardio with weight (bootcamp) types.

And I hope to see you back soon ….

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