CPLR, Civil Practice Law and Rule, is the most important law you need to know to pursue your legal action on your own in New York. If you are not an attorney, you must be familiar with this set of laws.

The first 54 articles are view-able already.


Type of CPLR codes governing legal actions in the courts of New York, divided by subject:


Article 60. Provisional Remedies Generally

Article 62. Attachment

Article 63. Injunction

Article 64. Receivership

Article 65. Notice of Pendency

Article 70. Habeas Corpus

Article 71. Recovery of Chattel

Article 72. Recovery of Penalty or Forfeiture

Article 75. Arbitration

Article 75-A. Health Care Arbitration

Article 76. Proceeding to Enforce Agreement for Determination of Issue

Article 77. Proceeding Relating to Express Trust

Article 78. Proceeding Against Body or Officer

Article 80. Fees

Article 81. Costs Generally

Article 82. Amount of Costs

Article 83. Disbursements and Additional Allowances

Article 84. Taxation of Costs

Article 85. Security for Costs

Article 86. Counsel Fees and Expenses in Certain Actions Against the State

Article 90. Failure or Adjournment of Term of Court

Article 94. Admission to Practice

Article 97. Records of Clerks of the Courts

Article 98. Actions Against Villages

Article 100. Repeal;  Saving Clauses;  Effective Date

In terms of edition, the first 27 articles are 2019 edition and the rest will be 2020 edition. Later in 2020 the first 27 articles will be reviewed for 2020 updates, if any.

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