This site is under construction, however I am happy to share with you my visit on February 16, 2018  to the Morgan Library and Museum on Madison Avenue in New York. Perhaps the 4th or 5th time I was visiting it, to see JP Morgan’s historical collection, books, room and library. It is always a pleasure of peace and reflection that inhibits my innersole from the atmosphere of this place. Something truly elevating and inspiring.

I am posting a few pictures here, in an image gallery format. And you also may enjoy JP Morgan’s life of documentary.

One of many attributes that always strikes me about J. Pierpont Morgan that I cannot find in our society today, is that HE HAD A GREAT SENSE OF INSTINCT ABOUT PEOPLE that served well him to grow his business and always made him to be a winner, despite everything others said about a person. He felt otherwise, and he took his chance on the person and won. For his mind the real risk was that OTHERS MISJUDGED the character and integrity of people, on whom he felt the opposite way. He looked at people and HE WAS IMMEDIATELY ABLE TO MAKE A JUDGEMENT ABOUT THE CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY OF PEOPLE   and take that ride. It was one of his greatest strengths. 

I have attended the WordPress Conference, organized in New York at the Convene with 3 conference rooms running multiple presentations by speakers from around the world. I had the chance to record some I attended and made those available to people on YouTube and on my website, here: WordPress Conference New York, 2018. And of course many thanks to all sponsors who made the event possible and provided amazing lunch and break time resources. The sponsors were greatly appreciated and got exposure in the video for the amazing service.

Enjoy the information, knowledge, ideas that form the future ahead. WordPress is a little AI, how I like to call it. Because it furnishes (average) people with tool that makes them ever more productive. People, who would ask for others help to do it if they can afford it, and if they cannot, would be left behind.


On this page I will be introducing my main interests as a person. The private me. The things I am interested in.

This is also under construction, but coming out … 

Meanwhile you may enjoy a private video below – until this site is under construction.  And see Madonna’s performance below.



Madonna’s political Eurosong 2019 performance
in Israel, Tel Aviv with an undeniable message.

A Jewish conflict with Palestinians.

Can they notice the message?

Can they understand the message?

Notice Madonna’s singing style is out of tune. No harmony.

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