This is New York. And what is New York and/or America without legal actions?

I have a few legal cases in courts myself that I view personally as an intellectual challenge rather than something you should chew on and anger yourself. Especially because these are long-long procedures. And especially if you are protecting your rights that are carelessly and disrespectfully violated. Sometimes I question the people of New York how can they act so unlawful. Perhaps it is why courts are filled with cases. To be a law-abiding citizen of any place requires sufficient education, discipline, moral and respect for others. Is that in shortage in New York? Is law enforcement will establish those attributes in people?

After all my experience in the courts of New York, legal cases seem to be more a technical procedure than something truly intellectual. At least so far. There are plentiful lawyers’ tricks and slips, and maneuvering through technical games, instead of truth abiding rational reasoning that satisfies the intellect of mind. Winning a case here does not seem to have anything to do with truth and rational, let alone the law.

On this page, I will showcase how to manage a case, write papers, the types of documents, formats and standards to look after, as well we the library of laws, and much more to pursue a winning case.

Welcome to New York …


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New York Court Experience

If you think judges know the law, then think again. And when one law specifically comes into question in court, they read one third of the text, and leave the rest of the law with all exceptions disregarded. They base their orders on the text they read, because they are under time pressure to produce an order, which significantly misinterprets the entire law. Therefore cases need to move upward on the ladder for correction on orders they made. In theory through time it all should self-correct itself.

At least so far, this is my unfortunate experience. But I hope “up” on the ladder it will become more professional and well educated.


The introduction to new services on my YouTube channel are shown here. 
I am glad to announce 3 main things to come:

  1. online courses materials are under work and the integration to the LearnDash platform, in subjects such as: law, finance, marketing, sales, online business
  2. the online courses platform will be available for rent, on accounts basis
  3. I will also post gym classes made by myself in the gym. 30, 45 and 60 minutes classes,; mainly cardio and cardio with weight (bootcamp) types.

And I hope to see you back soon ….

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