Exercise is very important, just as the type of food you eat.  I will be talking about the FOOD to consider consuming and EXERCISE to do and what to use to MEASURE all these. You will feel, most likely, much better and healthier. I am taking absolutely no any drugs, no vitamins and no supplements.

Don’t forget the saying [in business], what you don’t measure, you can’t manage.

I have added a PICTURE gallery from the gym to enjoy, and a video of sample from my HIIT  CLASS.

In dark blue, below, you can find how my exercise and data has changed durned the covid-19 period of 2020-2021.

Updated: January 16, 2021.


To measure the nutritional value of my food intake together with calories I am using the LoseIt website with a great phone app. Recently I moved to organic diet away from conventional products, and I really see the result. As you age you may not want to mess up the hormone balance of your body. Your body is already working very hard to find a smooth balance for those hormones, instead of taking drugs to manage it for you or not doing anything and you will get the not so welcome result. Chances are those drugs will even further mess it up, and you end up fat, sick, puffy etc. Your body knows it much better how to to do. I will let you know what kind of food got higher importance level in my diet than it had earlier (eg. to eat one [tiny] avocado almost every day or all diary product should be organic and if possible grass-fed).



To measure the intensity and impact of the exercise I use the
Fitbit Charge 2
activity tracker, and it is really great. Previously I used the Microsoft Band for about 2.5 years, but they discontinued. The Fitbit gives me a great feedback on my activities, daily data and weekly total updates. 

If you are interested in data for comparative analysis I have:

  • Steps: per week approximately 90-100 thousand steps a week,
  • Floors: climbing 100-130 floors per week,
  • Calories: burning between 2,600-2,800 calories per DAY on a weekly average in the winter days and 2,800-3,100 calories in the summer days, because on the weekends it is significantly less than during weekdays, so the average comes out to be so, and (An interesting  how the above data changed during the covid-19 period in 2020-2021. In winter periods the weekly average per DAY is about 100 cal less: 2,500-2,700, and in 2020 summer it was around 2,700-2,850 calories.)
  • Active minutes: the total active minutes for a week is around 1,000-1,400 minutes per week. Or you may be more interested in
  • Heart Rate: or Cardio Fitness. According to Fitbit in my age group I am in the 41-45 cardio group, called Excellence, which is associated with the VO2 max measurement.


Usually I am interested in my cardio measurements, example for how many % (how long) I stayed in cardio heart rate during the exercise and what was the maximum HR level.

  • HIIT classes: I try  to incorporate HIIT training into my weekly Gym visits (a sample video is below), and
  • Treadmill: step on the treadmill after a workout class even if it is only a short distance running (not walking), but
  • Cycling: the cycling or spinning classes are also great. I love the prerecorded spinning classes that I can stream in the Gym whenever I am there.
  • Bootcamp: I love bootcamps, which is a cardio with weights that gives me great endurance, shaping and muscle building across my entire body muscle groups.

But if you can’t manage being in a class, like myself many times, whenever I am in the gym I stream prerecorded and designed programs. These are a great way to stay motivated in the gym and get the full class benefit. And these programs are done and designed by professionals with great diagrams and details. Although I understand that some people may find it better (e.g.) cycling in a dark room where no one sees what you are doing … Well, not me.  So, here are some examples of streaming classes:

  • Gym Network App: Your Gym network is a great resource. Many has an app too with prerecorded great classes to stream, as mine, has. Or
  • Peloton: I also took a great look at the Peloton Digital for about $20 a month or
  • Cathe Friedrich: you can subscribe to Cathe Friedrich for live classes. But you can find great classes on YouTube too, example:
  • Sydney Cummings: She uploads free fitness videos every single day, who uploads fitness videos every single day, and
  • Yvette Bachman, who uploads real live gym class videos from time to time. 


To measure my weight the Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart scale is really fantastic to continuously update my weight with body fat data into the Fitbit ecosystem. I don’t need to press or type anything, the WiFi does everything for me. I only step on the scale, and all data appears in the phone app and on the web dashboard. My BMI index is around 21-22 for quite a long time and my body fat is around 11%, occasionally it may go up to 12%, to give you a comparative figure.

An interesting information is how the above data changed during the covid-19 period in 2020-2021. My BMI is around 22-23 now, and my body fat is around 13% consistently. Well, I guess I am also affected with the at-home work-and-live lifestyle and gym closers. However, I feel that the most “hurting” and missed is the gym closers.

Picture Gallery

HIIT class – High Intensity Interval Training

This is sample made from our 45 minutes HIIT class, so you can have a taste of it, what it is like. You can see from the clock on the front wall how time has passed by.

People can engage in fitness exercise for a great many reasons. Just to name a few:

  1. lose weight
  2. tone up
  3. build endurance
  4. increase flexibility
  5. gain muscle
  6. strengthen and stabilize
  7. sleep quality, yes, for sleeping better too
  8. stress management
  9. stay healthy
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