I have a YouTube channel, functional since the summer of 2016. I produced some interesting videos as a hobby that made me real joy and fun. Through this work, I was able to see what I can make out of a simple video recording made on a Windows smartphone using a new (at that time) software as a tool, CyberLink. It gave me the first experience of how YouTube can be a useful asset and what potential lies in it for the future. You may see on my YouTube channel, the videos I produced, as a beginner or amateur in video production, and you are welcome to interact.

And here I am today, in June 2023, the hobby really turned out to be more than relaxing and something enjoyable. The videos also look amazing and presentable.

and many more can be found on my YouTube channel

Thank you for your continuous interest. Please let me know what interests you the most, and I will consider it in the upcoming selection.

Have a wonderful and successful day!

Withing's Blood Pressure Monitor

A French clinically validated device in the US.

This is a wonderful device from Withings. A simple and easy-to-use device that transmits all data into Withing’s own app called Health Mate, as well as synchronizes data with other apps such as Apple Health, and Lose It that I use every single day to keep a record of my food intake and to have information about the nutrients.


The Hall

The Steinway Hall: 1133 6th Ave, New York, NY 10036, near Times Square 
(212) 246-1100
Open: Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-5pm, Sun: 12pm-5pm
In-Store Events, and Seminars are on their website.

The music from the YouTube Audio Library: Memories of Spring by Tokyo Music Walker, 

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